About Doctors

Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre has an excellent combination of doctors and therapists for the wide range of services available. Along with rejuvenation and treatment therapies, regular consulting services and short term treatments are also provided at the centre. Presently, the centre has two Doctors (vaidyas) who control the treatments and therapies with their vast knowledge in Ayurveda. The presence of both male and female doctors/therapies gives patients a huge support as per their requirements.

dr-mukta-tripathiDr. (Mrs). Mukta Tripathi holds the BAMS degree from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi and has completed MD in alternative medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative medicine, Kolkata. Ayurveda and Alternative medicine complement each other and form a fabulous amalgamation to provide every patient with natural treatment methods. Together with this, Dr. Tripathi has also obtained the CGO degree from the Institute of Health Sciences, Mumbai. This provides an extensive scope for the ladies seeking treatment or general advice. Dr Mukta has included yoga not only in her treatment packages but has acquired a certificate level course in yoga as well. She has several experiences as a practitioner, doctor and has also been invited abroad for specific treatment packages. Teaching is another area where Dr Tripathi has collected experience as she has taught health related subjects at various organizations on request. Upon demand, certain health courses are also offered at the centre.

dr-rajiv-tripathiDr. Rajiv Tripathi holds the BAMS degree from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He obtained the MS degree from the Government Ayurveda College, Kochi whereby he extensively specializes in Shalakya or the head region. With a notable experience as a general physician in the Ayurvedic field, he has expansive knowledge of the panchakarma therapies and general medicine too. He provides intricate treatment methods for the fine remedy processes involved in Ayurveda. A broadly practicing general physician, he has also worked as an eye specialist at numerous institutions and health centers. Dr Tripathi has a dexterous hand on therapies like kriyakalpa, ear treatment procedures, nasya, leech application and siravedha. Various treatments regarding the ear, head and throat are also his areas of specialization. Together with this, Dr Tripathi has an experience of plentiful therapies which are a crucial part of Ayurveda and also those that are specific to the therapies practiced in Kerala. Dr Tripathi holds a diploma in Yoga which further enhances his treatment methodologies. Yoga is directly related to one’s natural health and is commonly used for different ailments in Ayurveda. Apart from treatment, Yoga also helps in maintenance of a healthy body. Basic and extensive yoga sessions are provided at the centre, under the care of Dr. Tripathi, on request.

Besides holding all the above degrees, both the doctors are very friendly and kind to the patients. They are able to make a person very comfortable. They have also been providing social services to the community like organizing free camps and distributing free medicines to the poor.