Ayurveda for Women

A lady represents a unique combination of strength and delicacy. Her health is important as she is a centre point of numerous others in life. Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre provides special consultation for females with regards to their health or general well being.


Diseases of all types in the various stages of a female’s life are treated here using traditional Ayurvedic medications and methods. This ensures that there are no side effects whatsoever in any condition. Apart from treatment, general knowledge about regimen, diet and daily routine is also given to any keen lady which help her keep a good health and happy life. Treatment and instructions are given according to teh various stages of a woman’s life, i.e. premenstrual, menstrual, during menstruation, pregnancy, fertility, antenatal care, menopause etc.

The centre is strict about rules and provides a female-to-female doctor patient sessions as per requirement. Also, it is always made sure that female therapists are assigned to female patients and males therapists to males. This assures a secure treatment session and avoids even the minimal amount of stress in teh patient.

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