Basti Treatments

Kati basti (retension of oil on lower back)
Kati basti is an Ayurvedic procedure carried out for the relief of pains in the back regions. Medical pastes are used to form a wall-like structure on the lower back and luke warm herbal oils are poured into this structure. The oil is left in this wall for a certain time period. Direct contact of the medicine and the body causes immediate positive effects on the vertebrae. Back pains and and degeneration of the vertebrae are controlled using this therapy. Kati basti is supplied at the Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre for patients with problems related to the back/vertebrae.

Greeva basti (retension of medicated oil on cervical region)
This procedure matches the kati basti process but it is done on the backside of the neck. A wall-like structure is built in the area of the cervical spine and it is filled with herbal oils and retained for a certain time period. As it directly affects the area in which it is applied, some of the obvious benefits of this therapy are relief from sciatic nerve compression and nervous system nourishment. Greeva basti has an anti-inflammatory action and therefore reduces cervical pains. Other essential body components like the muscles, blood and connective tissues are also rejuvenated by this therapy. Neck specific problems like cervical spondylosis, stiff neck and neck pains are particularly treated using greeva basti. Greeva basti is an available treatment at the Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre for neck and nervous disorders.

Janu basti (retension of medicated oil on knee joints)
Janu Basti is similar to kati basti but on the knees instead of the back. Knee joints gain a lot of nourishment through this therapy and thus remain healthy. This treatment is advised for the ageing patients and senior people as it keeps their knees in motion. Diseases like arthritis are also treated using processes like janu basti. Shreenivas AYurvedic Centre provides janu basti for the patients requiring it.


Uro basti (retension ofmedicated oil on chest)
Again, this process is a similar to kati basti carried out around the heart. This treatment benefits the physical heart and the emotional aspect of humans by overcoming stress and grief. Other problems that are related to the chest like tachycardia, bronchitis, post heart attack problems and bronchial asthma also look for treatments like uro basti. Overall, great nourishment is gained by the heart and lungs through the therapy. Uro basti is presented at Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre for the requiring patients and is given in pure and appropriate methods.


Kukshi basti (retension of medicated oil on abdomen)
This procedure is similar to kati basti, but instead of the well being on the back, it is made on the abdomen. It is beneficial in conditions like flatulence and bloating, irregular digestion and appetite, irritablebowel syndrome, hiatus hernia etc.

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