Beauty Therapies

Lepanam (herbal paste application)
Lepanam entails the application of a specially prepared herbal paste on the affected body part. Habitually the thickness of the paste is kept to about half a centimeter in the therapy and left for approximately 45 minutes. The time and thickness depend on every individual differently though. In inflammatory situations, this treatment is very useful because the medicinal components penetrate into the body and absorb unwanted components that cause the problem. Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre offers this therapy exclusively for the above mentione condition as well as other ailments/conditions depending on the patient.

Mukhalepanam (herbal paste application on face)
Maukhalepanam is a similar process to lepanam but it focuses only on the face – mukha. A herbal paste is prepared instantly and applied on the face. After a certain time period, the paste is gently massaged off. After this, a steam treatment is given on the face and lastly, a herbal face pack is applied. The therapy may also include a facial massage using herbal oils/creams. This therapy is essentially a facial therapy that enhances beauty and improves the skin in terms of tone and texture. The herbs used in the process penetrate through the skin, clean it uo and nourish it extensively to bring out the beauty from within. Apart from general bauty enhancements, this therapy also cures wrinkles, discoloration of skin and sun burns. ShreenivasAyurvedic Centre presents this amazing herbal beauty therapy for all those individuals who aspire to look ever- fresh!


Mukha vishuddhikaranam (herbal scrub)
A scrub is used on the skin to remove dirt and dead cells. However, it is not a very good idea to use too many chemicalson the skin. Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre presents herbal scrubs which are completely herbal. No synthetic materials are used in the preparation of these scrubs, in fact they are freshly prepared just before the therapy. Different herbs are used for different skin types. Also some particular herbs are used in conditions like acne etc. This procedure leaves your skin radiant and smooth. The skin looks beautiful and refreshed after mukha vishuddhikaranam .


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