Sarvang abhyangam (full body massage)
In Ayurveda, abhyangam is actually recommended as a daily routine apart from a treatment. Abhyangam is an oil massage having a similar procedure for all cases. Different oils are selected for different individuals depending upon their constitution, the season and also the ailments if the individual is suffering from any. Numerous benefits of abhyamgam include prevention of ageing, relief from fatigue, pacification of vata, increment of strength, immunity and it also makes one capable of tolerating strain and exertion. Other benefits include making the skin soft, adding luster to it, enhancing complexion and eyesight, kindling the digestive fire and reducing constipation. Abhyangam is provided at Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre exclusively for all diseases and very carefully for every individual depending on his/her constituency and ailments.

Prishthabhyangam (neck and back massage)
This is a massage done specifically on the back and neck region. It has its own benefits like relieving tension in the back, and is beneficial in conditions like lower and upper back pains, pain in the neck due to strain because of using the computer for long hours, and very high pillows etc., It is also beneficial in conditions like pain in the hands or legs, as the nerves supplying these areas emerge from the spinal cord. It also relaxes someone and bestows good sleep.

Pada abhyangam ( foot and leg massage)
In this process, special care is given to the feet. Caring for the feet is also very important to remain healthy. With pada abhyangam, roughness, dryness, fatigue and numbness of the feet are cured. It rejuvenates the feet by providing tenderness together with strength. The process bestows mental relief thus promotes good sleep. It cures loss of sensation, tiredness, stiffness and contractures of the feet. Relaxation of the feet is directly related to healthy eyes. Pada abhyangam is specifically also used in disorders such as sciatica, sprain, fluid retention, insomnia etc. Pada abhyangam is provided at Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre for extreme relaxation and relief. Special attention is given to the choice of oils and medications used for various seasons, patients and diseases.

Sugandhabhyangam (aroma massage)
In aroma massage, specific volatile oils called essential oils are used. Aromatherapy massage is a treatment which works wonders. It improves mental and physical states, and even helps to tackle some health problems. When massage is used with application of essential oils it helps to release muscle tension, hydrate the skin and provide immediate relaxation.Different essential oils are used for different purposes, depending upon the ailments or the constitution of the person getting the massage.

Udwartanam ( herbal powder massage)
Udwartanam is a special body massage using a combination of herbal powders. The specialty of this therapy is that the massage is done in a direction opposite to the hair follicles. This therapy is used to lessen kapha in the body. Udwartanam absorbs fat in the body thus effectively helps in weight loss. Firmness is achieved in the body parts and maintains a healthy skin. At Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre, udwartanam is provided using different mixtures of herbs for the patients. The massage is carried on for a specified time period as decided by the doctors.