Eye Therapies

Anjanam (collyrium)
Anjanam involves the application of medicated collyrium which is specially prepared inside the eyes using a shalaka (a thin filament structure). The medication that is applied in the eye helps in washing out the impurities of the eyes and thus clarifies the vision. Anjanam helps in preventing eye disorders and also has a curative effect in diseases like conjunctivitis, allergies etc. Collyrium is specifically made with all purity at Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre and applied to patients in eye disorder conditions.

Ashchyotanam (instillation of herbal eye drops)
This process is basically the same as the ‘eye-drop’ facility. Medicines are combined and formed into a liquid which is used as eye drops and is instilled in the eyes using traditional equipment. Since the medication is being supplied directly to the eyes, this process helps in eradicating impurities and cleansing the eyes thus relaxing them. Ashchyotanam is given to patients at Shrreenivas Ayurvedic Centre depending on their requirements.

Netra sekam (eye wash with herbal decoction)
A treatment specific to the eyes, netra sekam is basically washing the eyes in a coordinated manner using herbal decoctions. Tiredness of the yes in this era is almost unavoidable due to high levels of pollutants, computers, televisions and of course stress. The process of sekam relieves the eyes of such strains and relaxes them. In today’s lifestyle, our major senses happen to get the least attention and in such cases, therapies like netra sekam prove tobe very very rewarding. Netra sekam is prescribed at Shrenivas Ayurvedic Centre as a treatment or relaxation process to remove the tire from the eyes.


Netra tarpanam ( retension of medicated ghee on eyes)
Netra tarpanam is an effective eye treatment. In the process, a wall like structure is made around the eyes using certain flours. A medicated preparation of ghee is poured into this structure and retained for a certain time period. This therapy is extremely favorable in degenerative conditions of the eye and is used for cases of hypertensive/diabetic retinopathy and ARMD. It also rejuvenates and greatly nourishes the eye with essential supplements which are present in the medicines. Netra tarpanam is offered at Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre for specific ailments and relaxing purposes of the eye. A strict protocol is given to the patient to follow together with this treatment.


Putpaka (retension of medicinal decoction on eyes)
This procedure is very similar to netra tarpanam. The difference being the medicines used herein. The medicines used for Putapaka are prepared in a very special manner within a chamber constructed of green leaves and mud. Putapaka is also offered at the Center for eye treatment procedures.


Bidalakam (medicine application on eyelids)
A preparation of medical herbs are formed into a paste and used for bidalakam. The paste is applied on the eyelids and around the eyes. This process is highly advantageous in inflammatory conditions of the eyes. Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre offers a healthy and pure package of bidalakam for eye treatments.


Pindi (herbal bolus application on eyes)
This process is similar to the potali process but is done particularly only for the eyes. The potali is formed using a luke warm paste of medicated herbs and is applied on the eye sto cause perspiration. In precise cases, the bolus may be placed on the eye and tied using cloth. When kapha and pitta are aggravated and cause eye problems like oedema, this therapy helps in bringing them down. Other conditions such as abhishyanda and adimanta also exploit the pindi therapy for relief. Pindi is used at SHreenivas Ayurvedic Centre to provide relief from certain ailments as per prescription.


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