Herbal Products

Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre manufactures hand made herbal products for daily use. These products are meticulously hand made with 0% Chemicals and can be customized in terms of aroma and flavour. We accept orders over the phone and provide shipping services (distance of shipping provided depends on amount of products purchased). These products are prepared using natural products and will be suitable for all.Currently we are having Handmade soaps, Oils, Facepacks & Scrubs and Lip Balms on our shelves.

To place your orders, kindly contact us through phone or email and we shall ship your orders as per your requirements. You may place bulk orders as well and we will customize your orders in a weeks time.

Handmade soaps

Soaps are can be mentioned to be an essential part of our daily chores. Do not pick up anything for a soap as your skin is an important part of your body – and always exposed. So give it the best that you can, pick from our range of hand made, no chemical and natural selection.

Tea Tree and
Activated Carbon
110.00 Pore cleansing
Combat oily skin
Cinnamon and tangy
120.00 Refreshing
Cleansing deep
Neem 80.00 Acne
Minimising scars
Neem and Citronella
Mini soap discs
40.00 Insect repellent
Mild and refreshing
Manjishtha 80.00 Uneven pigmentation and tone
Enhancing circulation
Jasmine 120.00 For dry skin
Healing and minimising scars
Lotus 130.00 Improving texture
Reducing pimples
Heals flaky and dry skin
Rose Garden 130.00 Oily and acne prone skin
Reducing effects of the sun
Lavender 130.00 Soothes dry skin
Reduces wrinkles
Maintains skin tone
Gardenia 130.00 Reduces pigmentation
Enhances circulation
Goat milk and kesar 150.00 Mild
Enhancing glow and lustre
Clove and tea tree 110.00 Refreshing and cleansing
Turmeric and honey 90.00 Anti-bacterial
Lemon honey 90.00 Refreshing
Goat milk and honey 130.00 Mild

Hair growth, maintenance and health is such an issue in today’s world of no time, more pollution and hassles. Pamper your hair with our range of Ayurvedic oils which will prove to be the best for your hair.

Fenugreek oil Rs:200.00 Control hair fall
For dry hair
Combats dandruff
Curry Leaf oil Rs:200.00 Controls hair fall
Enhances circulation
Nourishes scalp and hair
Amla and Shikakai oil Rs:320.00 Growth of healthy hair
Prevents premature greying
Brahmi and Jatamansi oil Rs:550.00 Mental relaxant
Induces good sleep
Neem and Tulsi oil /td>

Rs:250.00 For dandruff
Any fungal infection of scalp
Anti-bacterial effects
Bhringraj and Henna oil Rs:350.00 nourishes, improves,
encourages and promotes
hair growth
Prevents premature greying
Facepacks & Scrubs

Taking care of your face should be on the priority list because it is your face which gives out your first impression – at work, at an interview, at a party or any other event. Choose your facepacks and scrubs from our Ayurvedic shelf to get the best results – naturally.

Lip Balms

Your lips may be very much affected by the weather and respective changes. Use our handmade products with natural ingredients suitable for your lips at all times.

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