The stress management package

Stress, in today’s calendar, gives rise to countless inabilities – both physical and mental. Widely known as a major destructor, stress is unavoidable in the marathon lifestyle of the present era. In Ayurveda, the individual is considered as a whole hence it becomes obvious that the mental welfare has direct effects on the physical health. Once in stress, an individual loses his mental fitness which further leads to deterioration of physical fitness. A healthy body cannot be attained in the absence of mental health. If not dealt with, a stress outbreak in a person tends to keep on increasing. This is because, the overall output of a stressed person reduces significantly which in turn increases the stress and the chain process can continue for an awful period of time. Vivid therapies offered at Shreenivas Ayurvedic centre aspire to help every willing person reduce his/her stress level thus become a better human in every aspect. These therapies include snehan, swedan, pizhichil, shirodhara, shiro vasti, shiro pichu, nasya, yoga advice and herbal formulations for internal use. Combinations of the therapies are to be chosen according to the individuals.