The weight management package

It has always been more than important to man to look fit and smart. This goal can only be achieved if one is careful enough to shun away from obesity. This common metabolic disorder of human has been described as medoroga by Charak. Obesity is a condition in which an individual is appreciably overweight and his vitality is much less with respect to his physique. Medoroga is characterized by notable movements of hips, abdomen and breasts. Common causes of obesity include overeating, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and lack of exercise. To some extent, it can be genetic or can be induced due to the side effects of drugs. A range of remedies are available at Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre to combat obesity. Major therapies like udwartan, snehan, swedan and lekhan basti help enormously in the reduction of excessive body weight. Along with this, a strict diet chart is made for every patient. A set of internal medication is also given. Patients are guided on yogasanas to adopt.