Here is what some of our patients had to say about our centre:

“I am immensely grateful for the care I received here at Shreenivas. I had three fractures on my foot and had just removed my cast when I came here. I was sad and worried about my recovery, being away from home and feeling pain. But here I found kindness and attentful care which comforted me. During my treatment, coming here was the best part of my day. Thank you Dr. Tripathi and Dr. Mukta ji. My foot has done great progress and I made great friends. For sure I’ll come back for other treatments and recommend teh centre to anyone visiting Varanasi.”

~ Natalia


“Dear Mukta ji, Thank you so much for your support and help. You really improved teh health of my body and mind and it was a pleasure to meet you and your wonderful staff. Hope we keep in touch. All the best for you!”

~ Lisa


“Many thanks for these two massage sessions. Thank you also for therapeutical help with my pregnancy. I will inform you of the going on and surely send you a picture of the baby. I now know what place to suggest to people for an Ayurvedic massage or treatment in Varanasi.”

~ Marie


“Today I received three treatments at this Ayurvedic Centre. As a medical oncologist, I wanted to experience some Ayurvedic treatments. I first received nasya for my chronic sinusitis, then a massange ending with what is perhaps my favorite body treatment EVER – shirodhara. That is incredible. Keerti was an excellent therapist with a voice soothing like the treatment itself. Thank you!”

~Dr Dev Pamer


“What a wonderful massage. I feel relaxed and comfortable. My¬† dry skin loved all the oil! Thank You!”



“I am a scientist coming here with curiosity about Ayurvedic medicine. I enjoyed several days of treatment including nicely efficient massages and now I can feel different and in better health. It is one of the positive memories I will get from the small trip to Benaras. I now I will come back next week and continue the same enjoyments with Ayurvedic treatments. Thanks so much!”

~Jack (France)


“We came here for a massage and we were very impressed with the professionalism of the doctors ans therapists. We received a very thorough check up and assessment. The massage was very enjoyable and we loo forward to seeing the effects of the medicines we were given. Extremely impressed!”

~Jackson and Louren (Australia)


“Ayurvedic medicine is the ancient treatment. It may take time for treatment but the advantage it is without any side effect. Thank you so much Dr R K Tripathi and Dr Mukta for your kindly treatment. Both of you are kind and care for your patients. All the best!”



“Such a great massage! So glad I was able to find this place. Can’t wait to come back again!”



“I was having severe pain due to arthritis and water dryness in eyes. Dr Mukta and Dr R K Tripathi gave me Shirodhara and nasika drops which results in loss of deposit in cough in my body. After the treatment I feel relaxed and i’m able to do my daily routines now. I would be visiting again. Thank you!”

~Poonam Chaddha


“The experience is much much more than a massage, it is a life balancing experience. I am very interested in Ayurveda and the many positive effects the medicines and treatments have. After the massage and receiving some herbs for an ongoing bladder infection, I am more than certain I would like to continue to learn Ayurveda and come back for another massage ASAP. Than you for providing the tools for me to harness the pace I am working towards.”

~Sophie (USA)


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