The Centre

Nature and Ayurveda always complement each other… For an Ayurvedic Centre, there can be no better place than the river bank of the holy Ganga. The natural atmosphere, the breeze coming directly from the soothing flowing waters and the healing aura of the environment make a wonderful presence at the Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre, situated on the banks of Ganga , in Varanasi. This centre is a unique location where one can experience the sublime power of Ayurveda, right in the laps of Mother Nature.

The centre provides numerous facilities like Ayurvedic consultation, Total ayurvedic Health check, Analysis of constitution (Prakriti), Ayurvedic medication, numerous therapies, Therapy packages and Ayurvedic satwik foods are also available.

Well experienced and expert doctors at the centre plan treatments for each patient individually, according to their personal needs. A range of trained therapists are always the patient’s service. Their treating techniques and experience are very capable of comforting each and every patient.

Together with general treatment procedures, the wide range of other facilities provided at the centre sum up to produce a holistic approach towards every individual that is attended. A combination of ayurvedic oral medications, specific therapies, prescribed diet and specific yogasanas leave one totally rejuvenated, fresh and healthy at the end of the treatment periods.

Come and indulge yourself in the natural environ of traditional healing, make yourself a better human by enhancing your physical being and enjoy the experience of better health at this centre. Get rid of tension, beautify yourself and improve your wellness. Whether it is for a treatment of a disease or rejuvenation, Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre promises to satisfy your health requirements throughout an extensive scope.