The aphrodisiac package

One of the important factors in the relationship between husband and wife is a healthy sexual life. The significance of this aspect is highlighted by the fact that it is elaborated in a separate branch of Ayurveda called Vrisha Chikitsa or Vajikaran. This section of Ayurveda includes promotion of sexual health, begetting healthy progeny and treatment of sexual disorders. The treatments involved in Vajikaran make an individual potent enough to produce healthy offspring and provides instantaneous sexual arousal to the extent that one can perform uninterrupted sexual act. With Vajikaran, one can be assured that even in old age, the reproductive dhatu (tissue) is not diminished. This treatment bestows happiness, longevity, beauty, strength and nourishment unto the individual. Together with the physical features, the psychological sexual problems are also resolved with the help of Vajikaran remedy. Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre introduces a variety of Vajikaran therapies such as snehan, swedan, shirodhara, Elakizhi, basti and many more. Internal mediation plays a vital role in Vajikaran and will be prescribed for every individual patient. Yoga advice will be given according to individual need. Altogether, the above treatment package has many advantages including enhanced vigor and reproductive capabilities in males, increased fertility in females, improved performance, boosted potency and healthy, desired progeny.