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Shreenivas Ayurvedic Centre aims to cater for the most ancient health system in the most ancient city of Varanasi. Your mind and body ought to strike a balance with the combination of Kashi and Ayurveda!

Our doctors are exemplary in finding your custom treatment options based on your intrinsic body nature. They interact with you at a very precise level and ensure that your health problems are solved - from the root cause.

Following suite, our therapists also give authentic and calm care for you. Whether you have an in-patient visit or you are undergoing treatment with admission, our care stays the same.

Welcome to your preferred hub of health!

Our Story

Our Values

The body is the sole support of existence and we make sure that your health is overall at its best at our centre.

Body health

Together with the body, the mind needs to be in perfect health too. After all, it is the mind which fuels the body health.

Mental health

We have multiple programs to educate people with general Ayurveda for daily life as well specific courses.


While a woman is a pillar for all her surroundings, her health is generally overlooked. We try to fill in that gap.


We have comfortable rooms for patients who travel from afar and are taking treatment of more than a day.


Our centre is very near to the holy banks of Mother Ganga. Patients and caretakers can easily take strolls and aarti darshan.


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